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About US

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Infix Business Info Limited | Infix Credit –since its establishment, we are one of the most professional and organized credit reporting company, now one of the leading players in this industry in Bangladesh. INFIX CREDIT is reliable and dedicated to the provision comprehensive range of business credit information & related risk management consulting services to local and overseas corporate users. We are partners to some of the largest credit management service providers in the entire world. We have associated with an international information network more then 15+ overseas credit bureaus/agencies located worldwide.


Being the pioneer credit reporting company in Bangladesh and its exclusive network of associates, INFIX CREDIT now covers 200+ around the world providing world-class services to its increasing list of high profile clients and having more than 1.5 million reports in its database and more latest is being added every day. For valuable clients business information reports or credit opinion reports are always FRESHLY INVESTIGATED and high-quality standards. We provide intelligent information, software and analytical solutions to facilitate access to finance ­and others.


We cater to the needs of several national and international Banks, Credit Insurance, Factoring Companies, Accounting & Legal Firms, Embassies, Trade Missions, Consulting Firm, Financial Institutions  wide range of multi-national organizations to support financial business performance by reducing the risk of granting credit and driving their collection strategies.


INFIX CREDIT has a strong team of experienced attorneys, law firms, chartered accountants, highly qualified credit analysts and professionals in home and abroad.

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