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INFIX CREDIT offer customized research and information search services to meet the information requirements of valued national and international clients.



The need for extensive due diligence is more than ever necessary in today’s globalized and crisis-stricken economies.


A due diligence investigation is a methodical and meticulous examination of a business of a person and it should particularly be performed prior to embarking in any kind of cooperation. The investigator’s sole purpose is to minimize and manage risk when embracing commercial opportunities with third parties, hiring employees that may be handling sensitive and confidential information, contemplating cooperation with customers, investors and partners. The need for a hands-on, thorough and diligent evaluation is becoming all the more essential in an already unstable business environment.


Globalization has caused an increase in regional and worldwide cooperation. But for any company trying to obtain information on a potential partner or customer-based abroad will turn out to be a Bangladesh effort. Challenges are faced due to language barriers, the difference in cultures and specific country data protection laws. This is where an independent due diligence agency can be of invaluable assistance. Our due diligence report Includes-

• Business Profile.

• Corporate Records.

• Credit History.

• Present Financial Position and Strength.

• Credit Scoring and Credit Limit Recommendation.

• Source Inquiries/Trade Reference Check.

• Site Visits.

• Company Official Certificates.



It is always a risk to hire an employee without conducting his or her background check and verify the personal information, educational qualification, work experience, character and professional behavior. Thus, at least the basic check and verify such as an address, crime history, drug addiction and reference from the previous employers are recommended before hiring in a employees.


Our employee background check report:

• Physical verification of current address.

• Verification of past employment.

• Inquiries at past workplaces regarding integrity, professional behavior etc.

• Educational qualification check.

• Criminal record check.

• Reference check.

• Drug addiction check.

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