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INFIX CREDIT provides service to investigate fraudulent activities to better managed and mitigated your risk. Fraud Investigation is one of the various corporate investigations that we cover at All Bangladesh Detective. Being one of the top most private investigation agencies in Bangladesh, we investigate all kinds of issues related to corporate investigations.


Many times the only reason why companies fail is that of fraudulent activities that are conducted within the organization by its employees. Hardly anyone starts a corrupt company with the mindset of looting people, but eventually, money begins driving the companies. Once money comes into play, people get off track and start devising fraud plans that would pool in the money from other people in their own pockets.

Fraud Investigation can be conducted within a company on its employees or with a competitor’s company. There are many ways to conduct a fraud investigation but we tend to focus on the best one that results in an end result for our clients.


·         Fraud investigation has saved hundreds of people and companies from facing severe loss.

·         Major fraud activities including money are resolved through fraud investigations.

·         All India Detective specializes in corporate investigations including fraud investigation.

·         You can check your competitor’s business procedures with a fraud investigation.

·         Run a fraud investigation on one of your suspected employees.


These are some of the things that a fraud investigation can help you with. An investigation conducted properly under the guidance of an experienced detective turns out to be fruitful for the victim

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