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International and Bangladeshi Company Credit Report

We provide International and Bangladeshi company credit reports or business information reports by international credit rating companies or credit report agencies. Our reports are designed to meet the needs of consumers. Which includes all the details about foreign companies as well as Bangladeshi companies.  We collate information from reliable sources and compile the most comprehensive business information reports, which are sure to be your trustworthy tools in mitigating national and international trade risks.


A standard business information report contains the following information:

Ownership and Management:

·         Names of directors, shareholders or proprietor.

·         Shareholdings patterns.

Registration History:

·         Date of establishment/incorporation.

·         Registered address, Legal status, registration number and trading style.

·         Capital structure.

·         Historical information. (If any)


·         Details of business activities.

·         Description of premises.

·         Numbers of employees.

Financial Information

·         Latest financial information. (Obeys state law)

·         Banker and NBFI’s information.


·         Office address, telephone and fax number, email, Website address etc.

·         Data on subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

·         Negative information, Legal Climes, Market recharged and reputation.

·         Credit-worthiness, Payment behavior, etc.


In Bangladesh, it is usually needed when a Bangladeshi importer needs to import from any foreign company. Bangladesh banks require supplier credit reports for LC opening in Bangladesh. We have collected this and sent it to the specific banks for opening the clients LC. We are the number one credit report company in Bangladesh. We have provided these reports through our global credit report agency or partners.


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