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Debt Collection Services

Debt collection services:

Our Bangladeshi debt collectors can assist you with all aspects of Bangladesh debt recovery, including both commercial and personal debts – large or small. no money should be left unresolved. We already provide debt collection services in Bangladesh.

Our Debt Collection services are based on “No collect No Fees basis”. This means we receive fees if and only we collect something.

Why choose Infix Credit collections?

§  Lowest commission rates in the industry on successful cases

§  High level of professionalism of our in-house debt collection team

§  Safeguards the image and good reputation of our clients

§  Swift conclusion to debt collection cases entrusted to us

§  The possibility of writing off bad debts on the issuing of appropriate documentation

§  Savings on legal expenses, if you proceed to legal action for the recovery of debt

§  All the information and documents provided by the clients remain secured and we ensure highest level of privacy and confidentiality.

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